My name is Amelia Hagen and I fall freshly into the, at times, nebulous community of millennial global immigrants. Travel implores me to think and while I have ventured to over 80 countries so far, the wanderlust is nowhere near subsiding. I am fascinated by the learning that goes on while experiencing foreign people and cultures, embracing adaptability, and taking on new challenges. I enjoy exploring multiculturalism, grassroots internationalization, social entrepreneurship epiphanies, the empowerment of women, and leadership development through travel.

More recently, I enjoyed a month in Brazil, hung out in Europe for six weeks, developed social enterprise projects in the Philippines, and worked with young Saudi Arabian leaders. Prior to that, I spent eight years living, studying, and working across Japan, the UK, and Italy. With the belief that authentic service produces the best, most impactful leaders, I strive to demonstrate the value of volunteering – whether it’s abroad or in your own backyard. You can probably find me traveling, brainstorming for my next adventure, or encouraging others to take the plunge and do the same.

What’s next? My long-term goals include shaping a purpose-driven life, creating a forum dedicated to helping millennials find more meaning in global experiences and relationships, and harnessing this power to exponentially multiply everyday ambassadors in an increasingly uncertain world. I am also constantly on the lookout for ways in which I can help people to stretch their comfort zones and foster more connecting in their lives specifically through solo excursions, integrating with others, and cross-cultural understanding.

Interested in any of the above? I’d love to connect – feel free to contact me through the social networks linked on my home page.


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