101 Travel-inspired Things to Be Happy about in 2017

  1. the feeling you have stepping onto an airplane
  2. scoring a cheap ticket on Skyscanner to a destination never contemplated before
  3. strolling a park abroad alone
  4. a picnic with the best foods Europe has to offer
  5. the sound of fallen leaves crunching under shoes
  6. conversations through gestures
  7. a rainy day spent at museums
  8. afternoon naps after a transport-required super early wake-up call
  9. hearing “Mind the Gap” on the Tube
  10. sunsets punctuated with Cafe del Mar
  11. prosecco vending machines
  12. island hopping
  13. navigating a city without a smartphone
  14. expedient rental car service
  15. going some place new with someone you just met
  16. American-style BBQs anywhere
  17. glittering mountain lakes
  18. red Solo cup parties in basements
  19. falling asleep in a field of flowers
  20. watching your team win the championship 5, 456 miles away from home
  21. strangers taking care of you when you get sick
  22. pulling old maps out of your backpack
  23. seeing friends visit places you love on social media
  24. tact in sticky situations
  25. sunrise as you make your way home after an all-nighter at the clubs
  26. French vineyards
  27. fashion magazines in different languages
  28. picking fruit on a farm
  29. people sleeping on trains
  30. omnipresent Happy Hour
  31. looking around and seeing no one else
  32. smiles
  33. conveyor belt sushi
  34. staring up at building signs and having not a clue what they say
  35. airline baggage tags
  36. long days at the beach
  37. the dust on old library bookshelves
  38. colorful pedestrian crossings
  39. how pets are doted on around the world
  40. participating in another country’s national holiday celebration
  41. experiencing electric shoe dryers
  42. the summit after a grueling hike
  43. multicultural birthdays
  44. the ability to rent out an entire castle
  45. taking twice the money and half the clothes you think you’ll need
  46. tolerance
  47. eating lobster caught during a cheeky snorkel
  48. comparing senses of humor
  49. spinning a globe to pick your next trip
  50. international Spotify playlists
  51. the occasional day off from exploring
  52. Singapore Slings at the Raffles
  53. buskers in Galway
  54. befriending those who are much older or younger than you
  55. Victorian architecture
  56. watching someone smell durian for the first time
  57. Sunday drives
  58. sidewalk cafes
  59. people painting landscapes in public
  60. freshly baked bread early in the morning
  61. bowls of chili on cold days
  62. taking an empty plastic water bottle through security + filling it up on the other side
  63. Nutella
  64. St. Bernards in Switzerland
  65. the beauty of the Badlands
  66. reading that four different cities claim to be the “Venice of the North”
  67. old school diners
  68. places that seem to appear right out of Town & Country magazine
  69. learning about foreign elections
  70. browsing the supermarket snack section
  71. hammocks hung between two palm trees
  72. getting your picture taken in front of the “World’s Largest ____”
  73. joining in a sports game you don’t know with little kids
  74. festivals
  75. sailing on sunny days
  76. getting to skip the queue
  77. perfectly ripe avocados
  78. potluck get-togethers
  79. staring up with wonder
  80. strangers stopping to ask if you need help with directions
  81. people meeting you at the airport
  82. the smell of fresh air
  83. cooking your own meal while abroad
  84. the lights of the city coming on around dusk
  85. getting lost
  86. no lines at the amusement park
  87. returning with a nice tan
  88. big blue tarps under the cherry blossom trees
  89. epic road trips
  90. noodles slipping between your chopsticks
  91. freezing your $%#&@* off for unforgettable views
  92. appreciation
  93. using a few foreign language words you just learned
  94. barely making the bus
  95. robots
  96. acknowledging something through eye contact with a stranger
  97. apple tea in the Istanbul markets
  98. listening
  99. eating Swedish Fish candy in Stockholm
  100. aperitivo
  101. hope that you get to do it all again


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