Bucket List 1.0

Fuji Hike

Countless people, including me!, often say things like, “Oh, that’s on my bucket list.” Well, while there were thoughts in my head about all that I wanted to do and “accomplish”, I realized I’d never sat down and actually written a tangible list. So, here’s the first edition. Like most aspects of my life, it’s a work in progress. #kaizen

-Make a positive impact on every continent

-Ride in a hot air balloon

-Experience Antarctica

-Swim with whale sharks

-Learn to speak Spanish fluently in South America

-Be the proud owner of a cute little dog named Chi-Chi

-Take the Trans-Siberian Railway

-Sleep in a hammock on the Amazon

-Unlock the world for someone else

-Drive across Canada to explore its national parks

-Decorate an apartment with treasures from my travels

-Anonymously leave a $100 tip for someone who really needs it

-Spend one week completely alone

-Stay at the Wigwam Motel on Route 66

-Learn passable Russian

-Run a marathon

-Look out from the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan

-Adult summer camp/spring break at Lake Tahoe or Lake Havasu

-Get (record) my parents’ entire life stories before they die

-Bake a legit Key West-style Key Lime Pie

-See at least one of my closest friends every year

-Do a pub tour vacation around the Lake District countryside

-Meet some of my former Japanese students later on as adults

-Start my own B corp

-Be a champion of millennials

-Learn more about my ancestors and meet their European descendants

-Arrive at an airport and take a random flight

-Create a community of empowered women

-Give out free hugs in a public space

-Literally, be a lifelong learner until the day I die

To be continued…



One thought on “Bucket List 1.0

  1. Amelia, you have already filled many buckets, and your adventurous spirit still yearns for more! I applaud you and your free spirit! You are such a lucky girl to have been blessed with these opportunities. I have lived vicariously through your many travels, but more than that, I have watched as each experience has shaped you into the beautiful young woman you have become. I am in awe, but I know there is more to come! Love you!


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